The company “SRS servisas” was established at the beginning of 2008. Year later, the sale of fiberglass flagpoles began. Soon, we began to sell and produce flags.

Until 2016, the company gradually developed its all activities – opening new departments in other cities, increased production and sales volumes. The number of employees has also increased. At present, the company employs more than 120 experts from different fields who work in different parts of the world or serve customers in five largest cities of Lithuania.

Time-tested quality

Our company represents “Vikingmast”, a manufacturer of fiberglass flagpoles from Sweden. It is one of the oldest and largest flagpoles manufacturers and sellers not only in Europe but also worldwide. Not all manufacturers can be proud having nearly 50 years of experience. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why for other manufacturers it is so hard to stay in this business and offer their customers a product which can compete with high quality “Vikingmast” products.

The sale of flagpoles led not only to the expansion of range of products, but also to producing flags by ourselves. On the one hand, it is a necessary items then purchasing a flagpole, on the other hand, producers have appeared on the market, whose product quality standards can’t meet the requirements of customers.

At present, our state flags are supplied not only to buyers of flagpoles but also to the largest Lithuanian retail chains.

In 2016, the company implements ISO 9001 Quality Management and OHSAS 18001 Safety and Health Management Standards.

We are proud that the company’s efforts in recent years have been granted with the Gazelle nominations.