Depending on the flag size and how it is raised, the flag mounting method should also be selected.

Flags can be mounted in few ways:
– mounted in the pocket (maximum diameter 36 mm) with flag fastening laces,
– mounted with metal rings which are used for raising the flag,
– mounted with cords in the upper and lower corners.

If you intend to raise a flag on the wooden flag pole in the field, then you need a flag with a pocket for the pole and laces. By raising a flag on the office pole, the flag fastening with screws can be also used.

When mounting flag on a flagpole, you should choose a second or third mounting method. There is one more way to mount the flag – the upper corner of the flag is sewn with a loop and the laces on the bottom are sewn with laces. This method is usually chosen by customers who are purchasing sea flags.

When ordering a flag, it is also necessary to buy pocket for flag crossbar.