The flag handle was the most popular tool for mounting flags in the 20th century’s Lithuania. Usually flagpoles were built only near public institutions. The walls of blocked apartments and private houses were decorated with flag and its handle.

Although today we have more opportunities to raise the flag on the pole, but there is also a significant demand for flag handles. One of the reasons is that on many houses still have handle holders attached to their walls. This option is great when a house has a only a small plot of land next to it.

Customers in stores can find flags of various quality. Sometimes there are curved flags, because they were made for as little cost as possible. Others lose their aesthetic look quickly due to reduction of production cost by choosing poor quality wood. Even an inexperienced buyer can easily spot these product defects.

Our company offers hardwood-ash tree flag handles. Since handles a high-quality, they don’t need to be hidden under the paint layer. This handle will easily decorate both the office interior and the facade of the building.

Another advantage of our handles is the handle’s tip, which comes together with the handle. Since we are selling large numbers of this product, we can confidently state that we can offer high quality flag handles with the best price in the market.