The flag handles manufacturer “Vikingmast” offers its customers another product – polystyrene poles for streets, yards, parks, companies’ territories lighting. Although these poles are visually similar to the flag poles, this is not exactly the same product that is adapted to the new function. The flexibility of the flagpole is a very important feature, extending the durabilty of the flag. However, this feature is not required for outdoor lightning. Therefore, the poles used for lighting are reinforced.

Many of the fiberglass flagpoles are also suitable for lighting poles:

  • they are light weight, which makes them easy to transport
  • impermeable to electricity
  • rustproof and doesn’t oxidise even if the outer surface is damaged
  • long lasting since they are resistant to atmospheric effects and can be produced in any color.
  • Apšvietimo stulpai gaminami nuo 3 m iki 10 m aukščio. Ant stulpų gali būti montuojami ne tik šviestuvai, bet ir vaizdo stebėjimo kameros.

Lighting poles high varies from 3 m to 10 m. CCTV cameras can be also installed on these poles.

Poles are made in accordance with EN-7: 2003 standard. Lightning poles – part 5. Requirements for reinforced lightning poles from fiberglass.