If you mount flagpoles just because of their aesthetic look, then you have to ensure that the flag always looks brand new and beautiful. Worn out flags can’t decorate the territory well and forms a negative image.


For flags to look solid, they need to be changed regulary. You can try to wash them, but this is not the best solution. Depending on the location of the flagpole, flags should be changed every 3-6 months. The intensity of the wear of the flags depends on the strength of the winds andd on traffic intensity. The more intense flow of vehicles is next to the flagpoles, the faster flags turn black because of exhaust gases.

We can provide the periodic change of flags.  New flags will be produced and changed on the agreed periodicity. In this way, it will be ensured that only beautiful flags will be waving on the poles, and you will also avoid potential losses due to the crumbling of flagpole’s peak during the change of flag. This can happen if the flag is fixed on the stationary flag crossbar and the pole must be lowered when changing the flag. The flagpole may need to be lowered in such cases, if the flag rope gets twisted. This is not a common case, but unwanted difficulties may occur.

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