The pole is mounted on a concrete foundation with concrete anchor bolts.

You can caary out installation work by yourself using mounting specification below.

However, if you haven’t done similar work before, it’s best to trust our experts. Our staff will ensure the verticality of the mounted pole, will take care (if necessary) of asphalt milling, and will extend the anchor bolts. Of course, a waranty will be also given.

Also, when preparing the foundations for flagpoles, you shouldn’t forget underground communications. If you not sure about underground communicationa at the prepared installation site, it’s recommended to make topography photo. These photos can be taken by our experts if you don’t have time or just simply don’t want to bother.

If flagpoles will be used for promotional purposes and flags of organization will be raised, it may be necessary to arrange the advertising with the public authorities. This is not required in all cases, but we can help with this kind of need.

Other Services

Poles rental

Repair and maintenance of poles

Periodic change of flags