Flags are raised due for different reasons. If public authorities are obliged to raise flags (this is required by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania)and owners of private holdings mount flagpoles with flags mainly for aesthetic reasons, companies’ executives do it for practical reasons. Entrepreneurs are well aware of advertising benefits.

Nowadays, it is rare to see flag holders mounted on the facade of company’s building. This solution is chosen unless there are no opportunities to place flagpoles next to the building (for example, if the building is in the narrow Old Town street). However, if the area around the building can fit a flagpole, then it is mounted in that area. Some companies strive to mount tallest flagpoles, so the flag can be seen as far as possible. This is especially relevant for gas stations, so drivers can see them the flag from far away or won’t pass by. Other companies aim to draw passerby’s attention to a specific message or brand. And other companies use flags as an image-forming tool.

Advertising specialists will confirm that moving advertisement always attracts more attention than static one. And if that advertisement is illuminated, then its effect doesn’t disappear even in the dark. The flag is definitely a mobile advertising. The businessmen realised this and they were the first to use flag in everyday life.

Methods of flags production

Selection of flags size