Why  choose the fiber glass poles?

  • Resistant to mechanical impact – pole can easily withstand a wind speed of 25 meters per second.
  • Lightweight, weighing only 14 to 42 kg (depending on length). Easy to transport, attach, maintain.
  • Flexible – it absorbs part of the wind force, so the flags serve longer.
  • Non-conductive to electricity and therefore safe. Can be mounted with lightning conductor.
  • Non-corrosive, therefore, does not require periodic surface care, dyeing.
  • Not only the stem’s surface is painted, but also deeper layers, so even the scratches remain the same color.
  • Pole’s surface is smooth. The flowing flag is less worn due to its friction to the pole.

Poles 6-12 metres high

Poles 14–22 metres high

Colored flagpoles

Façade flagpoles

Flagpoles crossbar

Flagpoles tips

Raising the flag

Cover of a flagpole’s base

Flagpoles stands