Although the elegant flagpole can decorate any building, its main purpose is holding the flag. And flag serves its purpose when it is streched out. It happend only if the wind is fluttering the flag. However, not all days are windy. In addition, the flagpole can be installed in a place sheltered from wind, where flag fluttering is less frequent. In this case, crossbar is mounted on the flagpole. Depending on the customer’s choice and on flagpole mechanism, two types of flagpole crossbars can be mounted.

  1. Stationary flag crossbar. The crossbar can easily rotate around the flagstone. However, the stationary crossbar has one drawback: in order to change the flag, you need to raise the pole lower. This drawback can be avoided by purchasing a lowered crossbar.
  2. Lowered flagpole crossbar. It is a special crossbar that can be lifted and lowered with the flag through the lifting mechanism. By purchasing a lowered crossbar, you won’t need to lower the pole in order to change the flag. However, it should be noted that the lowered crossbar can be assembled only with the internal lifting mechanism of the flag. This crossbar is not compatible with the external lifting mechanism.