For those who want to match the flagpole to the facade of the building, roof, decoration or other elements, we can offer colorful flagpoles. They are made on a custom order, therefore, the fulfillment of an order might take a bit longer – from 4 to 6 weeks.

Some of the most popular colored flagpoles are silver. Customers sometimes ask us, “What differentiates anodized aluminum poles from glass-fiber, silver colored poles?” Visually used poles may not be much different. But keep in mind that during anodization of aluminum only its surface is covered. Anodized aluminum is beautiful but very sensitive to any mechanical impact. When anodized surface is damaged, aluminum becomes oxidised due to atmospheric exposure. Colored fiberglass poles are made by painting the entire mass from which the pole is made. Even if the surface of pole is damaged mechanically, no other color will be visible and the atmosphere won’t have any effect.

And this is not the only advantage of glass-fiber poles against aluminum poles. Another important feature of poles is their flexibility. The more flexible the flagpole is, the smaller part of the wind force falls on the flag. From this point of view, fiberglass poles are much more flexible than aluminum poles.