An integral part of any flagpole is the flag raising mechanism. The main ways of raising a flag are two:

  1. External flag raising mechanism. In the standard flagpoles, the flag raising rope is located outside the pole. This is an inexpensive option, but when constructing a flagpole in an unprotected area, the flag raising mechanism and the flag itself are not protected in cases of theft or vandalism. To make it safer, we recommend using the internal flag raising mechanism.
  2. Internal flag raising mechanism (rope is inside). In this case, the flag raising rope is inside the pole and the flag is raised using a removable handle. When the handle is removed, flagpole can’t be lowered easily, so it will be protected better.

Customers who would like to purchase a crossbar should be aware that the internal flag raising mechanism is incompatible with the stationary flag crossbar. When having a pole with an internal flag raising mechanism, a lowered crossbar should be selected.