The flag of a country is undoubtedly very important, but some cities, towns or regions of the country are actively demonstrating their identity with the flags of their communities. It doesn’t depend on the size of the territory or the group of people – even small communities can be very active and show their community’s strength by raising its flag.

The Samogitian flag was first mentioned in the 16th century. And although there is no accurate data on what was pictured on the flag, Samogitians are so proud of their origin that they have created a few flags of their region. Residents of Išlaužas town have created a flag with a bear breaking tree branches. According to one of the legends of town’s origin, it is located in the place where bear broke the trees.

Nowadays, flags of individual locations in Lithuania are being designed as well, and the flags database is constantly expanding. We want to notice that it doesn’t matter if the flag was already manufactured in our company. If any of the flags haven’t been manufactured before, our designers will prepare custom design of the flag.

Alytaus flag
Birštono flag
Druskininkų flag
Jonavos flag
Kaišiadorių flag
Kalvarijos flag
Kauno apskrities flag
Kauno flag
Kazlų rudos flag
Kėdainių flag
Kelmės flag
Klaipedos apskrities flag
Klaipėdos flag
Marijampolės flag
Mažeikių flag
Molėtų flag
Palangos flag
Panevėžio flag
Plungės flag
Prienų flag
Šakių flag
Šiaulių flag
Utenos flag
Vilkaviškio flag
Vilniaus flag
Žemaitijos flag 1
Žemaitijos flag 2

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